PTC is committed to delivering exceptional fiber optic and wireline services within rural Lycoming and Clinton Counties.  If you have questions please reach out to our business offices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Don't Panic!

If you experience a service outage because of damaged caused by a storm, please contact our 24 hour trouble reporting line at (570) 745.3101

We will be happy to get our team out and get your connection repaired as soon as we can. Keep in mind, if power lines are also damaged, they must be repaired and power restored before we can start our repairs.

If you have a tree on your line, we can help with that too. Keep in mind we are not a tree maintenance company and the size and scope of your tree may be larger than we're able to clear. 

We recommend turning your equipment off and then on again. Do not ever push the reset button, this will require your equipment to be reprogrammed ($16 per occurrence after first occurrence). If the problem persists, contact our office at (570) 745.3101

If you have a separate modem and router, you must let your modem reboot first and establish a connection to our office (about 2 minutes) before you reboot your router.

A fiber optic cable has a strand of glass inside and digital pulses of light carry signals along those glass tubes, literally at the speed of light. This is the preeminent technology for internet speed and reliability. PTC’s fiber optic service is also a symmetrical service which allows us to give the customer the same upload speed as their download speed. This circuit is able to offer the highest speeds available along with the greatest reliability even during bad weather.

With PTC’s fiber optic internet service, you can expect increased reliability with up to 1Gbps (1,000×1,000 Mbps) download and upload speeds for the best experience whether that's in your home or your business. Videos load quickly for streaming, work or study with a flawless connection, low latency for gamers, transfer files almost instantly, available high bandwidth to support numerous connected devices at once, along with an increase to the resale value of your home.

Unlike many other wireless, cable, and satellite internet providers, PTC does not use data caps. PTC gives you unlimited data and we will not charge you more based on your usage.  All fiber packages include a gigabit capable wireless gateway.  All wireline packages include a xDSL capable bonding wireless gateway.  All internet tiers include taxes and fees.

PTC’s wireline network has been engineered to allow every customer internet access up to Performance tier speeds.  However, this is dependent on the age and type of customer premises equipment as well as the condition and quality of the wiring within your home. 

PTC's fiber network has been engineered to allow every customer internet access beyond Elite tier speeds (1000x1000 mbps service, PTC will even be offering faster symmetrical 10G services in the future).

With either wireline or fiber internet, your speed can be increased or decreased the same day in most cases.


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